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Ultrastructural Research - Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wanner

The Ultrastructural Research group investigates a broad spectrum of topics using transmission electron microscopy and high resolution scanning electron microscopy in combination with many analytical methods and cryo-techniques. Working over the years in numerous national and international cooperations, research topics have ranged from the biogenesis of organelles, compartmentalization of secondary metabolites in plant and animal cells, the accumulation of heavy metals in bacteria and cell cultures, up to the localization of protein molecules in/on cells or cell structures.

A main focus is the high resolution scanning electron microscopic investigation of plant and animal chromosomes. Using special preparation techniques, it is possible to visualize chromatin in all stages of condensation, which has been the basis for the Dynamic Matrix Model for chromosome condensation (Wanner and Formanek, 2000). The three dimensional ultrastructure of, for example, centromeres, telomeres or nucleolus organizing regions (NOR), the architecture of which is still a matter of rigorous discussion, can be investigated to magnifications over 100 000fold. Labeling with heavy metals such as Platinum-Blue or Nanogold® particles allows specific localization of chromatin and functional proteins or DNA sequences to structural elements of chromosomes and/or the cell nucleus.

See also the German Ultrastrukturforschung Website for more about research, EM images, teaching and publications.


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